How to Say Hello

Publisher: Little Tiger

This bright and rather wonderful board book from author-illustrator Sophie Beer is captivating on so many levels. For babies or young toddlers, it's a nice way to practise saying one of those earliest words, "hello", and do so in lots of fun and interactive ways: fist bumps, cuddles, dances and high fives, as well as a more traditional wave!

Sophie Beer's illustrations are deliciously vibrant and reinforce the positivity of the overall message – that there are so many different ways to make our friends feel welcome and included. This inclusivity runs throughout the book, as Beer represents all kinds of different family set-ups and backgrounds. 

Incredibly subtly, a book like this also explores consent: how we are in charge of our bodies and the level of physical contact we permit, as well as how we choose to communicate and express ourselves. Although this idea is important for all children to absorb, it's a particularly helpful one for those who feel shy or awkward in certain social situations and a pressure to respond to others in a particular way. 

A joyous and easy-to-follow read for babies and toddlers. 

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