How To Be An Astronaut and Other Space Jobs

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Lots of children think they might like to be an astronaut, but what other jobs could one do and still be involved in space exploration and study?

You might be interested in becoming a satellite designer or engineer, a computer engineer, a spacesuit designer, a space doctor who looks after astronauts’ health, a flight director in charge of the whole team at Mission Control, or an astrobiologist, studying animals and plants in remote areas of the earth to try and work out what aliens might look like!

This fascinating picture book is full of brilliant information for children about the lesser-known elements of space exploration and clues them in as to how they might aspire to be involved one day. It’s useful to learn that astronauts can come from a military, medical or scientific background and be able to speak Russian as well as English. They also need to be highly qualified in their subject, as well as very fit and healthy for all the physical and mental training they will encounter.

Complete with a press-out model rocket to build and pages of stickers to play with, this is an original and inspiring read for young readers.

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