Hot Dog

Publisher: Bloomsbury

It’s a hot day and a lonely hot dog sausage watches the dogs playing on the beach with envy. How he wishes he could run and jump and chase his tail – if he had one.

Out of nowhere, a magical Mustard Fairy arrives and grants the hot dog’s wish, giving him real doggy legs, eyes, a sniffy nose and a very waggy tail. Yet, the other dogs on the beach can smell sausage and a nice warm bun… and all that playing has made them very hungry!

Fortunately, when the little hot dog finds a helpful ice-cream stand owner called Flo, all is saved. Can Flo give the hot dog a new life on the beach?

A perfect rhyming picture book for summer, Hot Dog plays on the sausage dog/hot dog meme with a fun story about following your dreams. Set on a beach, there’s all the summery fun you could ask for in Sophie Corrigan’s bright and friendly illustrations: ice cream, sand castles, frisbee and plenty of dogs.

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