Hope Jones Saves the World

Publisher: Andersen Press

Hope is a savvy 10-year-old who ditches plastic over concerns for the planet. She convinces her dad to switch to eco-friendly products but convincing her sister to give up her favourite make-up is trickier!

Hope complains to the local supermarket about excessive packaging but when there’s no response to her letter, Hope and her friend Harry begin protesting outside the shop. Before long they're joined on their weekly protests by lots of other young people - attracting news coverage and lots of media attention. Hope’s over the moon when she’s finally invited to meet the CEO of the supermarket chain but will the meeting satisfy her ambitions?

Children will love reading this candid, funny and relatable blog. The easy, conversational tone is matched with plenty of playful and modern comic-style illustrations; the café owner even has a hipster beard! 

Hope’s story captures the environmental zeal young people hold and provides a compendium of tips for those wanting to make changes in their own homes. It’s the perfect book to inspire conversations about activism too as it showcases stories of iconic protestors and presents diverse points of view.      

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