Stand Up, Stand Out

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Publisher: Carlton Books

Who is your rebel hero? Stand Up, Stand Out highlights the lives and achievements of 25 amazing people who decided to stand up to injustice and speak out about what they believed in.

Most of the heroes included in this book are famous now, but many of them were everyday people before they decided that enough was enough and it was time for change. Meet the slave who escaped from the gladiators, the nurse who refused to take ‘no’ for an answer, a young woman who championed human rights, and the scientist who saved his city from deadly radiation.

From Boudicca to Maya Angelou, and Galileo to Muhammad Ali, each short biography describes who they were, what they achieved and its significance. Simple text and large, colourful portraits (by a collection of fantastic artists) make this book accessible and great to either dip in and out of or read cover to cover. It includes 'what can you do?' sections where the author suggests how each hero might tackle some of the tricky problems young readers may face today.

A wonderful introduction to some of history’s greatest rebels.

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