Hooray for Fish!

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Publisher: Walker Books

Lucy Cousins offers another great introduction for babies to the world of books, pictures, colour and ideas in this fishy extravaganza.

She gently introduces first concepts: simple colours, spots and stripes, being happy and grumpy, counting one two three, the difference between fat and thin. And yet this is much more delightfully creative than simply covering educational first-bases.

Cousins offers humorous waywardness through the rhyme ('eye fish, shy fish, fly fish, sky fish') and much for parents to talk about.

Linking the book, a little fish swims through an aquarium, to be reunited at the end with his mum. This warm touch makes it a book for intimate sharing; perfect for the early-reading experience. So much to look at: first concepts, insistent rhyme and bold pictures. Hooray for Lucy Cousins!

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