Honesty and Lies

Publisher: Firefly

When Honesty finally gets off the cart in London she is freezing and hungry. There are plenty of people around so it’s easy to blend in but the stench and the sight of human heads rotting on spikes almost send her straight back home to Wales. Until she acknowledges that there her fate would be even worse.

Through a remarkable twist of fortune, Honesty finds herself working at Greenwich Palace, home of Queen Elizabeth I, where she befriends Alice, a laundry maid. But unbeknown to her, Alice is hiding a deadly secret that could literally be the death of them both.

Highlighting the huge chasm separating the experiences of the richest and poorest in Tudor England, this dual narrative, historical thriller is packed with political intrigue but also with the harsh reality of daily existence.

In an era where survival is often a matter of luck, Honesty and Alice have to fight to escape the constraints of their lives; one relying on cunning, the other on her talent for telling stories.

Despite being set over 400 years ago, readers will find lots to relate to in this fascinating and compelling adventure.

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