Circus Maximus: Race to the Death

Publisher: Zephyr

Dido lives her life immersed in the brutal and exhilarating world of chariot racing. Working with her father, who is head trainer for the Green Faction, the most popular chariot-racing team in Rome, she has a special bond with the horses she looks after. Especially Porcellus, a feisty youngster, who won’t behave for anyone except her.

But when treachery and murder destroy her way of life she must leave Rome, and Porcellus, or die.

Although she finds safety, Dido cannot leave the past behind and is determined to return to Rome one day and compete at the Circus Maximus. But girls are forbidden to race chariots.

However, Dido isn’t just any girl and where there’s a will there’s a way…

Reading Dido’s story is almost a physical experience; the baying, cheering crowds, the reek of dung and sweat and the agony of skin and flesh being stripped away in the barbarity of racing, bring the arena of the Circus Maximus vividly to life.

Rewards could be huge but so was the death-toll and this is the background to Dido’s quest for victory and justice; she must win, her life depends on it.

A cracking, page-turner of an historical adventure.

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