Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow

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Publisher: Hachette

From Christmas festivities to visiting pocket worlds and ‘ghostly hours’, it’s another rollercoaster of a school year for Morrigan. She still has a hundred unanswered questions about Wundersmith history and her Wundersmith abilities, but is finally getting proper classes in the Wundrous Arts.

However, Wunsoc is still keeping a lot of dark secrets – like their true, hidden purpose, and the Wundersmith legacy. And now Nevermoor is being rocked by the Hollowpox: a virus that targets Wunimals, robbing them of their wunder. A curfew’s introduced to prevent its spread, but it creates terrible divisions in the community, turning the city upside down and even forcing the Hotel Deucalion to close.

But is the Hollowpox really what it seems? How much is Morrigan willing to sacrifice to get her hands on a cure? And what if there’s someone out there even more manipulative than Nevermoor’s greatest enemy, the exiled Ezra Squall?

This is a rich and vibrant world filled with magical ‘wunders’ and daring characters. Townsend brilliantly balances light and dark in a page-turning adventure with underlying themes of power, division and prejudice as Morrigan tackles life-changing questions. An excellent follow-on to the two previous novels.

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