Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Eleven-year-old Casper is just a regular boy in the Faraway (what we know as our world): he sticks to his routines and always makes lists. That is, until he accidentally crosses over into Rumblestar and meets Utterly Thankless. Utterly is the opposite of Casper, but is she just the friend that Casper needs, and can they work together?

Casper desperately just wants to return home, and back to normality. But to do this he has to join forces with Utterly and her pet dragon Arlo to protect both of their worlds from the evil harpy and her creepy Midnights. He soon learns that the survival of his world is bound up with that of the Unmapped Kingdoms and so he must do everything he can to save them. Of course, this doesn’t prove as easy as it may seem… and there are lots of obstacles to overcome along the way.

The vast sky kingdom of Rumblestar is the magical backdrop for the first roaring adventure of the Unmapped Chronicles series. This is a story of tremendous courage, determination and friendship. It is surely destined to become a classic – and everyone will want a Just-In-Case!

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