Heavy Metal Badger

Publisher: Little Tiger

Badger has a lot of music inside him but can’t get on with learning the recorder, the church choir doesn’t work for him either or the marching band. He’s just too loud and wild: he gets upset: ‘the music inside me is out of control’! But then Badger joins a heavy rock band and finds his tribe.  

In a world where children are often required to sit nice and quietly this book will be a haven for a louder child who might worrythey’ll never fit in. And it gives them lots of chances to shout when reading it.As a rhyming book, it’s easy to read out loud but in order to achieve the rhymes the book does have words and phrases that will be new to many young readers such as ‘spire’ and ‘beat a retreat’.It’sreally aboutself expressionand taking your own path, good lessons, and it’s a very funny book. The illustrations are funny too and there’ll be lots to talk about when reading it out loud. Heavy Metal Badgeris complete with many great puns and visual jokes for an adult reader too, especially a heavy metal or rock fan 

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