Happy Here

10 stories from Black British authors and illustrators

Publisher: Knights Of

In Alexandra Sheppard’s A House Like No Other, illustrated by Dorcas Magbadelo, Izzy goes to stay with her Aunty V in Brixton and helps her aunt move on from the past as well as find confidence in her skills as a dancer. In You’re The Boss by E.L. Norry and illustrated by Chanté Timothy, Ash joins a new school where gaming in lessons is the norm, and children are required to have strange inoculations that make their eyes glow green... Fantasy worlds, family secrets, a choose your own adventure story and a mother and daughter shapeshifting team are just some of the varied stories inside this marvellous collection.

In her introduction to this important book, author Sharna Jackson describes her experience of growing up loving books, but without seeing black characters in children’s books that weren’t the villains or in the background. In Happy Here, ten illustrated short stories from present day black authors and illustrators will thrill readers with the stories they’ve been waiting for, featuring black protagonists at the centre of a huge variety of fictional worlds and situations. There’s also fabulous artwork from a number of new and established illustrators which bring the stories alive.

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