Happy Hector

Publisher: Walker Books

A tale of playtime for Tilly and her animal friends, this time exploring themes of playing alone and playing together, feeling alone and feeling loved.

Hector the pig is the happiest he has ever been: he has Tilly all to himself, on her lap in the big chair. Tumpty and Doodle are also sharing time together, playing with cars. Meanwhile Pru and Tiptoe are happily playing alone.

Slowly the animals make their way to Tilly’s lap - much to Hector’s dismay. Now he is the unhappiest he’s ever been, and the only person who can make it better is playing on her own.

Dunbar’s intelligent book for very young children reminds us that playing and being together are about bonding.

Even the type is perfectly nuanced to indicate mood, in this subtle, delightful book.

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