Hello Tilly

Publisher: Walker Books

Tilly has a yellow storybook, and the characters in it become a house full of friends.

While she reads quietly, Tiptoe the rabbit arrives with his drum, asking Tilly to play. In turn others come, bringing dancing, feasting and processing - and so the jamboree grows ever more raucous.

Dunbar's timeless, irresistible characterisation creates a strong sense of the individuals in this happy gang.

This apparently simple story of a child's busy, noisy and ultimately tiring day is delightful. The sounds of partying flow from the pages.

It is beautifully paced, with short quiet pauses, and balances a portrayal of reality with the imaginative nature of play.

Satisfyingly, it ends where it begins - with a story, read to all from a yellow storybook.

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