Guinea Pigs Online

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Publisher: Quercus Publishing

Guinea pigs Fuzzy and Coco live in Strawberry Park with their kindly owners Ben and Henrietta Bliss. Coco, who once lived at Buckingham Palace, loves pampering herself and listening to concertos. Fuzzy loves cooking and wants to learn to cook delicious meals, so when he hears a new restaurant, The Meat Cleaver, is looking for guinea pigs, he decides to apply.

However, Coco realises something is wrong. Going online to track Fuzzy down, she discovers on the 'Micespace' website that guinea pigs all over town are going missing. Together with Eduardo, a Peruvian guinea pig, she sets out for The Meat Cleaver, where guinea pigs are on the menu for a special visitor – the Queen. But can they rescue Fuzzy before he is filleted and fried?

This is a funny, entertaining and gripping guinea pig tale where the stakes are high and the power of friendship is put to the test.

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