The Great Hamster Massacre

Publisher: Simon and Schuster Children's Books

According to Anna's mum, hamsters are BAD NEWS. But that doesn't stop Anna, her best friend Suzanne and her little brother Tom from hatching a plan to persuade Mum to let them get a hamster.

To their delight, the plan works! But it isn’t long before a massacre ensues – a bloody and not particularly nice massacre – in fact, a massacre worthy of an Official Investigation.

With the help of ex-police woman Mrs Rotherham, and armed with their official investigation equipment, the girls (and Tom as long as there are biscuits around!) undertake their search for the murderer, with hilarious consequences.

Not for the squeamish, this orginal and imaginative book is riddled with dark humour and interspersed with lively illustrations that will make children giggle all the more.

Perfect for all those children who have ever asked ‘Why?’ and only been satisfied with the frank truth.

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