Greta and the Giants

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

All around the forest, animals are worried about their home. Nearby, giants have been chopping down trees in the forest to make space for roads, factories and large houses. The smoke and pollution is destroying the habitat of the animals and its beauty though. The animals turn to Greta for help.

Greta is a brave girl who fights for what is right. She takes a stand and sits, day after day, with a sign simply saying "STOP". The giants pay her no attention but, one day, a boy brings hope by joining her. After that, other animals big and small, and children young and old, join Greta. Together, they’re a voice so huge and powerful that the giants eventually begin to listen.

This story, inspired by the life of Greta Thunberg, is for very young children and features gloriously rich pictures. The beautiful full-page immersive spreads for children to explore is enhanced by carefully crafted brief text.

Appropriately for the age group, there is a happy ending for the forest and Greta in this story, so children can enjoy a tale of hope and positivity and friendship. For those feeling inspired though, there are ideas at the end of the story for how to get more involved in campaigning too.

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