Green: The Story of Plant Life on Our Planet

Publisher: Walker

This is a lovely picture book which tells us so much about plants, how they work, and how they evolved in the most delightful, exciting manner, and with the most gorgeous, detailed illustrations by Emily Sutton.

The tree the book starts with doesn't look like it's doing much apart from standing there being green, but behind the scenes, it's busy. All is clearly explained in words and pictures. And we also get taken back to the ultimate history, when life first appears on Earth.

The book is as warm as the loveliest story but it's non-fiction, and absolutely full of amazing facts. It's a great book that will work for many different ages from 5+. 

It will particularly suit a curious 7-year-old, but is also ideal for someone starting secondary school or older to help them get the essential biology of photosynthesis and global heating established in their head.

A must-have for a primary school library. It's also a book with a powerful message for our times, sharing that GREEN really is the most important colour in the world.

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