Green Rising

Publisher: Walker Books

When a girl at a climate change protest suddenly begins to grow plants from her skin, it's only the beginning of an astonishing new movement.

Dubbed the Greenfingers, the teenagers who develop these powers soon become the topic of fierce debate, but could they use their abilities to help save the planet? Or could their well-intentioned interventions actually make things worse?

Meanwhile, Greenfinger Hester - the heir to a huge oil empire - sees an opportunity to exploit the new power to expand her father's company and secure her future as CEO. But when she recruits a group of teenagers to her research, could they help her see the truth about her father's company and the climate emergency?

Inventive, gripping, and ultimately hopeful, Green Rising is a fantastic tale bursting with a diverse range of intrepid teenagers, coming-of-age themes, charming romances and, underpinning it all, a reminder of the desperate need to tackle climate change.

News articles, podcast transcripts, internet threads and other documents are interspersed throughout, highlighting the parallels between Green Rising and life today - from space travel, billionaire entrepreneurs and powerful corporations to culture wars and protests.

Adults may wish to note that there is some strong language in the book.

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