Publisher: Pan Macmillan

At the turn of the next century global warming has reached extremes. The polar ice caps have melted and the world is drowning. As Mara's island is swallowed up by the advancing ocean, she becomes one of thousands of refugees seeking sanctuary in the 'cities in the sky' of the New World.

The city administrators however, are elitist, cruel and discriminatory - excluding all outsiders except those they kidnap to use as slave labour. Such a regime can only be changed from the inside, and despite the dangers this is exactly what Mara plans on doing. Exodus is a disturbing and relevant epic that explores many contemporary themes. Look out for Zenith and Aurora in the trilogy.

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Author: Julie Betagna

The third in a series which portrays a future world devastated by global warming, Aurora introduces us to  the headstrong Lily, Mara's daughter, who sets out in search of Fox, her birth father, and in doing so, discovers lands and peoples they had thought completely destroyed.

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Author: Lisa Heathfield

Everything 15-year-old Pearl knows is Seed, the nature-loving community she’s lived in all her life: cut off from the outside world and led by the mysterious Papa S. An uncompromising and truly fantastic read, Seed will stay with you for a long time.

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