Green Eggs and Ham

Publisher: HarperCollins

Sam-I-Am loves tormenting his friend, the hero of the story – and today Sam-I-Am’s decided he’s going to invite him to try a very unusual dish: green eggs and ham! Sam’s friend is adamant he doesn’t like it, but that doesn’t stop Sam-I-Am…

In 1960 Dr Seuss was challenged to write a book using only 50 words – and so Green Eggs and Ham, one of his best-loved stories, was born. In turns surreal and adorable, Seuss' bright and distinct illustrations follow our adventurers on their journey featuring a house with a mouse, a fox in a box, and a goat in a boat, and Sam-I-Am’s hapless friend’s expressions are a delight as he gets more and more wound up by Sam’s incessant questions. Children have been delighted by Dr Seuss’ simple rhyme schemes and hilarious illustrations for generations and his storybooks are still a total joy to read aloud today.

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