Granny Ting Ting

Publisher: A&C Black (imprint of Bloomsbury)

Shayla waits for her cousin Michael to arrive in Trinidad, visiting from London. She’s looking forward to seeing Michael at her granny’s house, but when he arrives, he seems keen to impress on Shayla how much bigger and better things are back where he lives in London. Will the cousins manage to sort out their differences?

The two children battle it out with tree climbing, hot pepper sauce-eating and bike riding contests: luckily, with Granny Ting Ting’s help, the story comes to a very satisfactory conclusion.

Granny Ting Ting is a delightfully funny story that is perfect for early readers and children making the transition from picture books. It’s a book that young readers will want to race through, and perfect for reading aloud to less confident readers.

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