Grandpa Frank's Great Big Bucket List

Publisher: Usborne

Frank’s parents argue a lot. Usually about his Dad's (also named Frank) get-rich-quick schemes which inevitably go wrong and mean they end up having to move house – again.

When Frank junior inherits almost half a million pounds on the condition that he looks after his grandpa (yep, he's called Frank too), it only causes more arguments. Mum and Dad think the money should be theirs, but Frank is determined to do his duty and makes a bucket list for Grandpa Frank.

But is it wise to take an eighty-year-old up in a hot air balloon – especially when his wheelchair-using friend hitches a ride, and the wind is definitely rather ‘brisk’? And what about parkour, monster-trucking and swimming with dolphins?

In this brilliant and touching adventure, Frank’s family is refreshingly imperfect: his dad has slightly-less-than-law abiding tendencies, his grandpa is very grumpy and still cross about an acrimonious divorce many years ago. But, when it comes to the crunch, it’s the family's underlying love that shines through.

Funny, heart-warming and full of slapstick comedy which is accentuated by intermittent black and white illustrations.

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