Maddy Yip’s Guide To Life

Publisher: Andersen Press

Maddy Yip lives happily with her Mam, Dad, Agung (Chinese grandad) and two annoying brothers. Until the day she realises that all her family and friends have at least one talent – something they are really good at.

The only thing Maddy is good at is armpit farts. And so begins the quest to discover what else Maddy can do really well.

Led and encouraged by her bestie, Dev, Maddy tries her hand at recorder-playing, break-dancing, baking (yuck!) and magic tricks, which all end in disaster, but with plenty of laughs... Perhaps that might be a clue to a talent she never suspected she had?

Maddy’s quest is written as a diary in an easy, conversational style that gives her thoughts and mishaps the air of truth. It’s also packed with energetic, black-and-white, comic-style illustrations that add to the readability and provide some of the biggest laughs.

As she shares valuable life advice like how to give a cat a haircut and where to find a missing guinea pig, Maddy feels very much like a friend – although it would be best to avoid having tea with her if she made the cake herself!

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