Grandad’s Camper

Publisher: Andersen Press

Every summer, the narrator of this heart-warming tale goes to stay with her grandad in his pretty old cottage by the sea. She loves to examine the fabulous knick-knacks he has collected on his travels and play hide and seek in his amazing garden.

Her favourite pastime, however, is to snuggle up with Grandad while he shares tales of his past adventures with Gramps. As they look through photo albums, he talks fondly about how they travelled the world together in their beloved pink campervan. However, now Gramps is gone, Grandad doesn’t feel like having adventures on his own. Can his granddaughter persuade him to look forward as well as back?

This poignant tale acknowledges the sadness of losing a loved one, but also celebrates the pleasure of remembering those who have touched our lives. The illustrations are full of warmth, colour and joy, beautifully echoing the excitement of discovery and adventure.

The depiction of a loving, same-sex relationship between Grandad and Gramps, as well as the different ethnicities of the main characters, ensure this wonderfully inclusive book reflects a range of experiences, representative of today’s society. 

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