A Sea of Stories

Publisher: Stripes

Roo loves staying with her grandfather in his cottage by the sea and enjoys listening to his wonderful stories, which are prompted by various objects from his Bits-and-Pieces collection. A shiny gold coin reminds him of finding hidden treasure, an impressive brass telescope leads to a tale about a daring clifftop rescue, and a stinky old fishing net holds the best memory of all.

As Grandpa reminisces, Roo sees the world through his eyes and understands why these objects are so important to him. She also realises how sad he must feel that he cannot visit the cove, which is integral to many of his tales. The path is too uneven and overgrown for him to walk down it safely, so she devises a plan to help him enjoy his special place once again.

This poignant tale about a girl’s touching relationship with her grandfather is ideal for children who are moving on from picture books. Perfect to explore the concept of the past, it beautifully celebrates the value of sharing stories and memories. The vibrant, full-page illustrations have a dynamic, painterly quality and successfully evoke the wildness and beauty of the coast, bringing the text to life. 

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