Goodnight, Little Llama

Publisher: Magic Cat Publishing

Little Llama loves to play with her herd, high up on the windy mountainside. However, as the smallest in the group, she cannot always keep up and when they race to the top of the mountain to eat the sweetest grass, she is left behind. Noticing her sadness, Chinchilla offers to accompany her to the summit, but Little Llama is unsure, as they are so different. Rather than focussing on what sets them apart, Chinchilla points out the things they have in common, such as their love of hopping, jumping and climbing. They use their individual strengths to help one another on the journey and Little Llama realises that good friends come in all shapes and sizes.

The narrative structure of this simple book helps young children to understand how stories are sequenced, while providing opportunities for them to predict what may happen next. Descriptive text complements distinctive illustrations, which blend photography with artwork to create plenty of visual interest. This delightful tale about overcoming difficulties, celebrating diversity and forming friendships is one of a series. At the end of their adventure, the friends snuggle down to sleep, making it a lovely bedtime read.

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