Goodnight, Little Bunny

Publisher: Magic Cat

Little Bunny is nervous about leaving her cosy burrow for the first time, but her best friend Mouse is on hand to help. Mouse tells her she already has everything she needs to be a big bunny in the big outdoors: an excellent button nose for sniffing, long whiskers for twitching, velvety ears for listening.

Little Bunny sets off to explore, using all her super senses to get to know the world around her – sniff sniff sniff; twitch twitch twitch; hop, skip, jump! But when a nosy fox appears, will Little Bunny save the day before it’s time to sleep? She’s got to be ready for more adventures tomorrow!

A simply told yet fully realised story, with a beginning, middle and end that brings the book to a satisfying close. This is a very sweet book that combines illustrated backgrounds with real photography of a bunny so cute you’ll wish you could pick her up and have a cuddle!

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