Go To Bed

Publisher: Pearson UK

Go to Bed explores a variety of beds, nests and homes around the world, allowing parents and teachers to support children as they develop their own reading skills.

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Nighttime Symphony

Author: Timabaland featuring Christopher Myers Illustrator: Kaa Illustration

In this beautiful picture book, as nighttime and bedtime arrives a storm is howling across the city. Part poem, part song and part lullaby, as the young boy in the book settles down to sleep his father creates a sense of music and rhythm out of the sounds of the storm. The raindrops tap a steady beat on the window, the wind sings, the thunder is a drummer in…

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I Love You Bunny

Author: Alina Surnaite

It's bedtime for Suzy, but she's scared of monsters - and things get even more scary when Bunny disappears during the night! A warm story that will reassure little ones who are worried about monsters in the shadows.

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