Giraffe Problems

Publisher: Walker Books

Giraffe has decided he doesn’t like his neck. It’s too long, too bendy; it’s just too… necky.

Despite attempts to dress it up in scarves and ties, and hide it behind other tall things, Giraffe can’t help but feel self-conscious. He has lots of lovely things to say about everyone else’s necks though: Zebra’s is classic, elephant’s is powerful and lion’s is inspiring. He thinks no one would want a neck like his – that is, until he meets Cyrus.

Lane Smith’s stunning illustrations are a perfect match for Jory John’s hilarious text. The giraffe’s narration lends itself to being read aloud, and is sure to have the whole family in stitches, while the message of self-worth and body positivity is important and timeless.

Beautiful design and sophisticated humour mean this picture book has charm beyond the intended age group and could become a real household favourite.

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