We Found a Hat

Publisher: Walker Books

The third and final hat book from Jon Klassen is an absolute delight. While We Found a Hat has similar elements of I Want My Hat Back and This is Not My Hat, it presents us with a new dynamic. In the previous titles, we have had a single hat thief who has knowingly done wrong and soon faces the consequence. But here we have two turtle friends and just one hat. One really amazing hat. It's a clear dilemma.

We meet the turtles just as they find the hat, and it looks good on both of them. They agree it's not right for only one of them to have the hat, so they must leave it. As the evening continues, it's obvious one turtle can't stop thinking about the hat. But what's more important - the hat, or their friendship?

This is the perfect ending to Jon Klassen's hat trilogy. We leave some of the darker aspects of the previous two titles behind, but without sacrificing the substance and sheer brilliance of Klassen's storytelling. The humour, the tension, the shifty eyes, all of Klassen's trademarks come out in this deadpan yet touching tale of two friends. It's the ideal story to share with youngsters beginning to learn the nuances of friendship.  

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