Ghosts of the Forest

Publisher: Orion Children's Books

Following on from Tiger Wars, this second installment of The Falcon Chronicles continues the story of Saker and Sinter.

Sinter is now nursing in the shanties of Hoh Chi Minh City, whilst Sinter is with the peaceful Penan, helping them protect the orang-utans and save their forest homes in the face of unscrupulous loggers. But the Prophet has not forgiven their betrayal and before long, they find themselves hunted by the Clan. Their escape takes them on a terrifying and dangerous journey through Vietnam, over the South China Sea, and back to Borneo. In the jungle, they are reuinted and find themselves fighting to save the orang-utans before they become ghosts of the forest.

This exciting adventure story is full of intriguing information about wildlife and the environment - and orang-utans in particular. Young readers with an interest in animal stories will be engrossed in this thought-provoking adventure.

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