Tiger Wars

(28 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Orion Children's Books

Saker and Sinter live utterly different lives. Saker belongs to The Clan; a tightly-knit bunch of boys living outside society, trained to survive anywhere, killing if necessary. Privileged Sinter’s life rarely takes her beyond Papaji’s tea estate. But on a tiger-hunt, The Clan suddenly turn on Saker. And Sinter finds herself fleeing from an arranged marriage. 

Their lives collide and, unlikely companions on the run, they discover much in common – a keen intelligence, love of the natural world and strong principles. They also discover The Clan fronts a gang of ruthless animal smugglers. Alone, can Saker and Sinter foil them ……?

Set in Northern India and filled with fascinating information about tigers and the astonishing environment, TV presenter Steve Backshall has written a breathlessly exciting adventure with a dash of skulduggery.

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