Get Me Out of Here!

Publisher: Scholastic

Danny is ecstatic about a school trip to Wild Out for camping and adventures, until he finds out the cost. To raise funds, Danny and Giraffles offer buzzcuts to local children. But when mothers demand refunds for bad haircuts and the hair clippers get jammed in Tub’s hair, they call it a day. Their dog walking services also end up a tangled mess.

When the trip is finally paid for, Danny is crestfallen to discover his mean brother is accompanying them. Dyl pranks Danny relentlessly, passing Danny nettles instead of dock leaves to wipe his bum and even directing his kayak into a sanctuary of nesting birds.

The final day is catastrophic as the group leader slips during a storm and hangs off a cliff. With lives in peril and a rickety bridge still to cross, someone needs to think on their feet, fast.

This exhilarating story is written by Andy McNab, together with Phil Earle. The adrenaline-pumping-pace and unashamed use of slang is a reminder that reading is ultimately about enjoyment and opening readers’ eyes to new experiences. Every child will be inspired to plan their own camping adventure after reading this story.

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