Georgie Grows a Dragon

Publisher: Pavilion

Georgie loves to grow flowers and is always thinking about the next plant she should grow. One morning, she discovers that overnight she seems to have grown a real-life fire-breathing dragon.

Georgie applies all her gardening knowledge to taking care of the dragon but it doesn't like being out in the sunshine, definitely doesn't like being watered and other plants make it sneeze flames! Despite the chaos that the dragon causes, kind-hearted Georgie is determined to do her best for it and figures out why he's so grumpy. Once she helps to solve his problem, she realised that dragons make great friends – not only are they a lot of fun but they're practical too.

Georgie Grows a Dragon takes an amusing look at gardening and what plants need. A lot of the humour comes from Lazell's vibrant and brightly coloured artwork and readers will love watching Georgie get more and more frustrated the troublesome dragon.

Using a mix of font types and sizes for emphasis, the book is filled with childish humour that will have young readers giggling from start to finish. 

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