Don’t Ask the Dragon

Publisher: Canongate

It’s Alem’s birthday and he’s all alone. He wonders where he can call home so he goes on an adventure to find out. Along the way, he meets several creatures – a bear, a fox, a treefrog, a meercat and a bulldog – who he thinks might know where he should go.

They don’t, and they each tell him the same thing: don't ask the dragon, or he will eat you! Alem eventually stumbles across the dragon, but he’s nothing like anyone expects. This particular dragon happens to be a vegetarian and an expert on words, too. Along with the other animals, the wise dragon helps Alem celebrate his birthday and discover where home really is.

The first children's book from bestselling author and poet, Lemn Sissay, this is a lovely celebration of curiosity and belonging. With an overall message of home being inside you, the story is perfectly matched by wonderful vibrant illustrations.

The use of repetitive phrases is perfect for encouraging children to participate and "read along". This is a charming tale about a young boy struggling to find a place to call home. With the help of a few beautifully rendered animals and a wise dragon, he discovers home is never far away.

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