Free Lance and the Field of Blood

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

After months of competing in small-town jousting tournaments, Free Lance has finally hit the big time: a place in a grand castle championship. Except this particular castle is a quagmire of corruption and secrets, and after being threatened by the Duke, Free Lance must choose to either lose the next round or (probably) lose his head.

It may not sound like an especially tough choice, but then there’s the complication of the lady of the castle. And what exactly is going on with that mysterious Blue Knight?

Stewart and Riddell expertly combine humour, adventure, and moral dilemmas in this slick short story that’s presented in a dyslexia friendly format. While the authors aren’t shy of a bit of gore (it is called The Field of Blood, after all), this is a tale of chivalry, villains and heroes that will appeal to all young knights in search of their next adventure.

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