Fox & Son, Tailers

Publisher: The O’Brien Press

Rory’s dad is a renowned tailer, from a long line of tailers, and animals from all over the world come to have their tails made by him.

Rory helps Dad out in their tailer’s shop on the quaint little high street in Ballybrush, where they live, but, secretly, Rory wants to create opulent, fantastic tails full of colour and pop. Yet, Dad wants to stick to tradition and make the tails people have always bought.

Not to be put off, Rory starts crafting something epic. So, when a posh peacock customer comes in wanting something a little different, he has just the tail to make peacock the talk of the town. When Dad sees the beautiful tail Rory has created, he realises that wild and wonderful ideas aren’t so bad now and again, and they work together to create a new range of amazing tails that everyone wants.

This is an absolutely beautiful, heart-warming book about the power of creativity and the special father-son relationship. It also reminds adults and children that we should never forget to try thinking outside the box every now and again. Paddy Donnelly’s illustrations are full of adorable detail, from lovely background touches to a cast of sweet, characterful animal characters.

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