Dare We Be Dragons?

Publisher: Farshore

A dad is putting his young daughter to bed, and as he tucks her in, they both start to imagine all of the adventures they could have together the next day. They could be dragons, or walk with giants in the woods, or fly to the moon and then swim with huge whales in the oceans. There are so many adventures that Dad and his little girl can have together – and, when she grows up, and Dad gets older, they can still have adventures together too.

Barry Falls’ stunning picture book is one of the most beautiful you’ll see this year, with award-worthy illustrations that are full of wonder and magic. It’s also a rhyming book with a pitch-perfect rhythm that’s perfect for bedtime and snuggly bonding time.

As well as all that, it’s lovely to see a picture book featuring a black dad and daughter duo enjoying tons of fantasy adventures together, and with such a beautiful sense of tenderness and sharing those special moments together. This would be a really perfect gift for any dad to read with his little one, as well for anyone to enjoy both for the art, the story and the general feel of cosy magic.

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