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A Tale of One Idea, Twenty Kids, and a Hundred Sea Turtles

Publisher: Chronicle Books

When Viv moves to a new home and school, she feels rather shy and disorientated.

Then she discovers that her local beach, on the South Carolina coast, is a loggerhead turtle nesting area. She spots that some baby turtles are dying and not making it to the sea - but why? And what can she do to help?

This positive, go-getting picture book comes from activist Philippe Cousteau and author Deborah Hopkinson. It's a great book for the classroom, with ideas and plans for all aspiring campaigners.

There is also a lovely message here about feeling part of your community by giving something back and pulling people together.

At times, the book can push too much information on the reader at the expense of story. Without the help of an engaged carer or teacher, some children may feel a little disconnected from it all.

However, Meilo So's beautiful watercolours really lift the narrative - especially at the book's magical end.

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