Follow Me Down

Publisher: Headline

Sixteen year old Adamma, a Nigerian diplomat's daughter, isn't too impressed to be leaving her glamorous New York lifestyle behind for an exclusive English boarding school, Crofton College. But once she arrives at her new school, she is drawn to charismatic, unpredictable Scarlet, and the two strike up an intense friendship. But their relationship soon takes a nasty turn when both girls fall for the same boy - and then Scarlett goes missing.

Following the success of her debut Heart Shaped Bruise, Tanya Byrne is back with another page-turning young adult thriller. This skilfully-crafted novel expoloring the nature of destructive relationships deftly conjours up the claustrophobic atmosphere of a prestigious boarding school, with its romantic dramas, whispers behind dorm doors, and illicit parties in the woods. Although it has its moments of melodrama, it is nonetheless a believable portrait of the intensity of adolescent friendships and first love: readers will empathise with protagonist Adamma as she faces difficult choices and questions who she can trust. Sophisticated, haunting and compuslsively readable, this dark and twisty tale of obsession and betrayal cements Byrne's reputation as a young adult author to watch.

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