Heart-Shaped Bruise

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Publisher: Headline Publishing

Lying forgotten on top of a wardrobe at the Archway Young Offenders institution is a notebook. Inside its pages, the notorious Emily Koll reveals the story she has refused to tell anyone, even her psychiatrist - the truth about the crime she committed, and why she did what she did to her best friend, Juliet.

This taut, tense psychological thriller keeps the reader guessing as Emily's story is gradually unravelled through the pages of her notebook, blending her experiences of day-to-day life at the institution with her memories of the events that have brought her here. Dark, distinctive and different, Heart Shaped Bruise is a memorable debut, offering an intriguing exploration of revenge, identity and perhaps most of all the intensity of teenage relationships. Readers are guaranteed to be gripped by Emily's powerful story right up to the shocking final twist.

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