Flyntlock Bones: The Eye of Mogdrod

(1 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Scallywag Press

Flynn and the crew of the Black Hound are pirate detectives who sail the Seven Seas in search of mysteries to solve and plundered treasure to recover. When they receive a message from Fergus McSwaggers, fearsome chief of the Bog Barbarian clan, asking them to investigate the theft of his priceless golden chalice, they immediately set sail through the Frozen Sea to Bog Island. 

Searching for clues is a hazardous business, as they encounter deadly Ice Pirates, treacherous Boglanders and the legendary Mogdrod, a fearsome feline with razor-sharp teeth longer than fingers.

This is the second book in a swashbuckling detective series, which can also be enjoyed as a standalone adventure. Fabulous black-and-white pen drawings enhance every page, bringing the eccentric characters and wacky settings to life. Children will love to pore over the details in several double-page illustrations, including maps, a raucous banquet and an epic pirate battle. Funny and fast-paced, it will delight independent young readers, particularly those who speak Piratish and enjoy a hearty mystery.

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