Fire Boy

(4 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Hodder

When Aiden receives a surprise parcel with ‘Top Secret’ written on it and a note saying not to open it until his mum gets home, obviously he opens it straightaway. It appears to be just a jar of sweets though, so why all the secrecy? Answer: they’re sweets that give you superpowers. Now he can light his hands on fire and blow smoke-rings from his bum!

Normally, the most excitement Aiden has is when bully Mitchell Mulch is on the warpath, or when the She-bear (aka Granny) finds out he’s eaten the last of the cornflakes. Now, Aiden and his best friends Sadie and Hussein have no trouble finding all sorts of fun things to do with their new-found abilities.

But the man who sent the sweets is on their trail – and will do anything to get them back…

The momentum of this super-powered action comedy is maintained with short, punchy chapters that draw you in to a ludicrous plot mixing crime, unusual superpowers, circus tricks and classic goody versus baddy themes. Aiden has an enjoyably reckless nature, and it’s a very fun read, but beneath the hilarity there are also some and interesting thoughts on family and friendship.

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