Kid Normal

(20 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Starting a new school is always stressful, but Murph suspects his new school is stressful for extremely odd reasons. He realises his mum has accidentally enrolled him in a Super Hero school for kids with Superpowers: fellow pupils can fly, control the weather, and conjure tiny horses. Sadly, Murph can’t do anything.

Humiliatingly nicknamed Kid Normal, demoted to helping the Caretaker, Murph is despondent. Meanwhile, across town at Ribbon Robotics, evil wasp-man Nektar plans world domination. Can Super Zero underdogs Murph, Carl the Caretaker, Flora the secretary and some of his classmates save the day?

This spoof superhero epic certainly delivers: deliciously dastardly villains, capes, tights and mild-mannered heroes. Yet it also explores familiar school anxieties that everyone else is smarter, stronger, better. Here, even Kid Normal has superpowers!

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