Finding Wonder

Publisher: Faber

This book grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. In the first three pages we find out that 12-year-old Roo’s mother is dead - and she’s an orphan by page 4 when her dad dies as he’s out buying a lottery ticket. Roo’s closest relative is a young aunt, her mum’s sister Joni who she barely knows. Joni is a wild kind of person who has travelled the world on a shoe-string, never settling anywhere or with anyone, so how is she going to look after Roo? Roo finds a letter from her dad urging her to grab life by the wings and fly but how is she going to do that? 

In a weird twist of fate, the lottery ticket her dad bought just before he died turns out to be a winning ticket, making Roo a millionaire - and this is not a spoiler as it all happens in the first couple of chapters. So now you are probably starting to imagine what an exciting book this is!

Roo sets out to buy her dream horse Wonder Boy (her dad always promised to buy her a horse if he won the lottery). But Wonder Boy is stolen before they can even buy him and Roo and Joni set themselves up to investigate, determined to save him. Then more prize horses are stolen and they find themselves drawn into a thrilling and dangerous adventure. How far will they go to find Wonder Boy?

Fans of Lauren St John will know she writes like a dream, every word thrills and speeds you through the book at break-neck speed. This book is a great read for any child who loves mysteries and thrillers - and for any horse-obsessed child this book will be heaven.

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