Fig Swims the World

Publisher: Little Tiger

Fig is tired of her domineering mother making New Year's resolutions for her, so she decides to make her own: she'll swim around the world. The only problem is, she can't swim yet...

With the help of her best friend Stella and the wonderful older women at the local swimming club, Fig embarks on an incredible adventure that will take her across the globe - meeting friends, facing down foes and discovering a lot about herself along the way.

Fig Swims the World is a fantastic vicarious tale for anyone who has dreamed of dropping everything to go travelling.

The practical questions of whether Fig would really be able to steal her mother's money and travel on a fake passport are quickly forgotten. Instead, readers will be intrigued not only by Fig's exploits and attempts to stay out of her mother's reach, but also by her growing confidence.

Fig - full of nerves, slightly awkward and a big fan of lists - is hugely relatable, and you'll be cheering her on as she grows into an impressive young woman.

Funny, warm and uplifting, this is the sort of book that will help young people to believe they can do anything they put their mind to - no matter what stands in their way.

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