Friendship Never Ends

Publisher: Knights Of

Sunita, Dawn, May and Gifty were first drawn to one another when they were the only children in Year 1 with non-white faces. Since then their friendship has deepened into something special and unbreakable.

But this summer they will be apart for most of the holidays; each trying new things, meeting new people and having new encounters that separate them from their cosy friendship group.

Gifty is in Scotland with her grandparents, Sunita is in rural France with her potential step-family, Dawn is at Performing Arts Summer School and May is stuck at home working in her parents’ takeaway.

Unable to communicate online, the girls must keep in touch the old-fashioned way by writing postcards. But can their friendship survive or will distance and differing interests be the beginning of the end for them?

Narrated by all four girls, and punctuated by the postcards they send one another, this is an insightful and engrossing portrait of a unique friendship.

While they are apart, each of the friends experiences a coming-of-age but also spends part of the time trying to be something they’re not. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it seems real friends are the ones you don’t have to pretend with.

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