Publisher: Egmont

The penultimate book in Michael Grant's hard-hitting FAYZ series ratchets up the action as this gripping dystopian series sweeps towards an exciting conclusion.

FEAR takes us beyond the boundaries of the FAYZ for the first time, revealing an outside world in which Sam Temple's mum, Connie, and the rest of the families wait anxiously for news of their missing children.

Meanwhile, within the FAYZ itself, Sam and Edilio are working hard to build a peaceful new settlement at Lake Tramonto; whilst at Perdido Beach, Sam's sinister twin brother Caine continues to dominate. Astrid has taken to the wilderness alone, isolating herself from the others, but there she makes a terrifying new discovery - the barrier which separates the FAYZ from the rest of the world is gradually turning black. As the inhabitants of the FAYZ are plunged into a terrifying eternal night, and the mysterious Darkness that lies underground plots to assume human form, outside the barrier there are horrifying new dangers ahead too.

Gripping, gruesome and graphic, FEAR is a thrilling new instalment in the FAYZ series that will not disappoint Grant's many fans.

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