Publisher: Electric Monkey

Set in the near future, in which significant advances in nanotechnology has allowed scientists to develop nanobots - microscopic robots that can alter the brain activity of their victims, controlling their thoughts and actions - Michael Grant's dark dystopia follows in the footsteps of science-fiction writers such as Greg Bear.

Sinister billionaires Benjamin and Charles Armstrong aim to use nanotechnology to infilitrate the most powerful people in the world, to 'connect all people everywhere, into one great race, the human race' and thus to wipe out hatred, prejudice, cruelty - and freedom. But a shadowy group of nanobot hackers known as BZRK are fighting a war against the Armstrong twins, and teenagers Noah and Sadie are their newest recruits, plunged into a terrifying battle waged deep within the human brain.

Presenting a bleak and disturbing vision of the future, BZRK is a gripping, action-packed rollercoaster ride, which will not disappoint Grant's existing fan base. With strong language and scenes of violence and cruelty, it is not for the faint-hearted, but as well as hard-hitting action, there are some complex and thought- provoking ideas in play.

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